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A Leading Insurance Intermediary For over 20 Years

Unlike other insurance providers, We at Prominent Insurance broker works for you rather than an insurance company. Brokers use their professional knowledge and experience to help you properly assess your motor insurance needs, shop for the best value in car insurance coverage and help you in the event of a claim.

Many brokers will help you with a quote on line or over the phone, but personal consultations are encouraged, to answer any questions you may have, ensure there are no misunderstandings and no detail is overlooked.

1. We Have Vision

Our Vision is to become one of the main Players of UAE’s insurance brokerage markets by providing sound and professional advice to our clients with an ultimate customer service and risk management support that goes beyond the insurance policy cover.

2. Our Technical Intelligence

Technical review of policy cover, exclusion and extension. Our technical expertise built over many years of providing insurance and inspection products and services means you can trust us to be there when you need us.

3. We Have Mission

The mission of Policy Souq is to provide quality and professional service to clients in a highly responsive and dedicated manner. To attain these goals, Policy Souq conducts its business with a commitment to total quality and dedication to continually improve on products and services to satisfy its clients.

We at Policy Souq are passionate about doing business in a responsible manner. A significant factor of our approach towards our clients is to be considered about the community we are working in and to have a positive impact on different aspects of people’s livelihood. Our core corporate social responsibility is to improve our colleague’s work and livelihood environment to enable them reflect the same engagement level with our community.

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