Takaful is about “guaranteeing each other”. A mutual contract is undertaken to help each other, should any of the participants suffer any form of misfortune, either arising from act of God or due to any accident or Natural Peril or fire . The criteria that sets it apart from the conventional insurance is that at the end of the financial year, after deduction of expenses, any remaining cash surplus will not be retained by the company or its shareholders, but returned to the policyholders in the form of cash dividends or distribution

Key Benefits

Shariya Complaints

Offer From Rated Takaful Companies


Shariah compliant.

Higher standard Products.

Many optional cover you can add.

Agency repair up-to five years.

Your clean record always rewarding as No claim discount.

Repair at rated garages with technical report for Non agency cover.

What's Covered:

Cover for accessories and add-ons.

Wind shield glass cover without excess.

Cover for audio equipment.

Cover for personal possessions.

Natural Calamity